The one place where you can cook your own delights



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  • Eco friendly home stay just National waterways and National Highway
  • A/C Double room equipped with Modern amenities
  • Ayurvedic spa both genders
  • Enjoying the taste of kerala foods
  • Kitchen for self cooking
  • Tour Guide for Muziris Heritage Monuments & traditional Industries
  • Indoor and outdoor game
  • Cycle riding for enjoying the beauty of village
  • Wi-FI internet connection
  • Boat Cruise and Canoeing for Backwater Tour
  • Libray
  • Cultural eve
  • Yoga
  • Traditional fishing and Chinese net
  • 24x7 Coffee Shop
  • Pick up and drop
  • Personalize service

This is also the one place where you can try your culinary skills. Try your hand in the traditional with the help of our chef. It can be a unique experience - an absolute explosion of flavors and fragrances. Karimeen, an exotic fresh water fish; shrimp, crabs, mussels and shellfish make up an integral part of it. Kerala is also famous for its elaborate vegetarian feast served in elegant splendor on a banana leaf. Known as the ' Sadhya', here's a meal fit for the Gods! Which you would like to make.

After the ride to the village and fishing with the Chinese nets, enjoy the afternoon with an authentic ayuvedic massage. Or use the spa to relax. You will find everything you wanted for a deep rejuvenation. And there’s only a cool silence to envelope you. It is a time for quiet introspection with romantic interludes.
Say good night to the sparkling stars as the river flows gently by. It doesn't take long for the dawn to break and the birds to sing the morning prayer. You are left wondering if life can be such a blessing. When nature whispers the secret of bliss, you will remember it forever. That more or less sums up your first day experience. Unforgettable!

The waterways and backwaters form a unique feature of the Kerala landscape. Over 1900 kms of meandering rivers and backwaters have become a way of life for the people living along its banks. The religious amity, vivid cultural festivals, the pulsating rhythm of the boat song, the paddling oarsman-cum- salesman with his wares precariously piled up on narrow boats, children skipping along the water's edge on their way home from school; the backwaters showcase a vibrant tapestry of innumerable sights and sounds.