A retreat to History



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Welcome to Stopover @ Muziris that will enchant you as you traverse deep into the heart of  history along its waterways. A perfect base to explore the area would be a point where the convenience of connectivity compliments with its quietness, right in the heart of the land of Muziris. Where the waterways that once were the main means of transportation of Muziris, can be your transportation to self discovery. Where all the modern comforts only enhance the closeness to nature.

Stopover @ Muziris offers you the ultimate home stay experience. This is a place just the way you would want it. This is a project inspired by the same cultural ideals that have been practiced for centuries. A tradition which is indeed unique,

Stopover @ Muziris is the one place

  • You can discover history, tradition and beauty of the land while having all the one fun and adventure – all these in utmost comfort with all modern amenities.
  • You will have the services of a dedicated chef – who will help you with your culinary skills if you want to try your hand in the traditional cooking. Or you can explore the local delicacies - an absolute explosion of flavors and fragrances. Karimeen, an exotic fresh water fish; shrimp, crab and shellfish make up an integral part of it. You can try the elaborate vegetarian feast served in elegant splendor on a banana leaf. Known as the ' Sadhya'
  • Fresh produce specially procured from organic farms. Fish , poultry and meat items directly procured source.

Stay at Stopover@Muziris

  • Visit Muziris monuments
  • Experience traditional industries
  • Enjoy cultural programmes that are unique to the region like Chavittu Nadakam - a highly colorful Latin Christian classical art form
  • Delight in boating and fishing